“We engaged Dean Bundrick of Orion Client Services to represent us in our last office lease search. We needed to move quickly, as the building with our current lease was being sold and the new owners wanted our space. Dean searched the office market area of our choice and was able to find a great location that was actually vacant, but still under a lease obligation. Dean worked directly with the landlord to release the tenant and allow us to sign a lease with the landlord, at a great rate, as opposed to a sublease. The previous tenant also provided all of their furnishings as part of the negotiation. We were pleased with the effort and insight provided by Dean in our search for new space for our business. Dean earned our deepest appreciation and comes with our highest recommendation.”
– John Dulske, Shareholder/Owner Dulske & Gluys, P.C.

“Dean Bundrick and Orion Client Services provided the highest level of knowledge, capability and professionalism in representing the Real Estate Council of San Antonio in its recent lease renewal. It was of the utmost importance that our space needs were appropriately met, as our organization has multiple meetings with members as well as elected officials and agency staff on a regular basis in our offices. We highly recommend Dean for those individuals and companies needing to relocate.”
– Martha Mangum, Executive Director, Real Estate Council of San Antonio

“Dean Bundrick, of Orion Partners, has been our tenant representative since the mid-90’s, which says something in and of itself. He was our advocate at my prior law firm, which leased as much as 24,000 square feet and remains our representative for The Ford Firm at Union Square II. During that time, he has met with us throughout our lease terms to discuss different possibilities and update us on the office market. He generally starts 1 1/2 – 2 years prior to our lease expiration in order to provide us all with opportunities, including possible to-be-built developments.”
– William H. Ford, President, Ford Murray PLLC

“Dean Bundrick represented us in our most recent office relocation. We had wanted to understand our options in buying, building or leasing space. Dean provided us with opportunities in each area and presented us with over 15 options/locations that met our requirements. In the end we leased almost 8,000 square feet which was twice the space we moved from at the same monthly cost. Dean took careful consideration to listen to our needs and he was diligent in presenting several option to us throughout this process. Our new space has allowed us to grow and afforded us an advantage in attracting potential employees in an otherwise competitive marketplace
Without hesitation, I would recommend Dean to anyone with an office requirement in the San Antonio area. Please do not hesitate contacting me directly should you like to hear more about how please we were with Dean and the services he provides.”
– Leland Rocchio, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Jordan Foster Construction, LLC

“I worked with Dean on our most recent office lease renewal and expansion during my tenure as President of the Real Estate Council of San Antonio. RECSA is a non-profit organization made up of hundreds of peers of both Dean and myself, so it can be a tricky proposition at times. I, along with our Executive Board, was very pleased with Dean’s work, as he exceeded our expectations, and would not hesitate to recommend him for any office requirements you may have in the San Antonio area.”
– Coy D. Armstrong, P.E., Vice President, Cude Engineers

“Using Dean as our representative has been a positive benefit in many ways for my firm. First, Dean can do an exhaustive search and present every suitable building within the geographic area and budget that we have approved. Secondly, we are assured to get the best terms available in the marketplace because of his experience. And lastly, being able to rely on Dean allows me and my staff to spend more of our time in our profession and not trying to learn another one.”
– Charles S. Lowrey, CPA, Lowrey, Powell & Stevens, P.C.

“We were located in the Castle Hills area when we hired Dean to help us with our requirement. In order to make an informed choice, we looked at buying buildings, building a facility or leasing, as we were currently doing. He represented … In the end, we signed a lease that allowed a new building to be developed in a location that fit well for our company. We received benefits that saved us more than $280,000 in rent over the term.”
– V.T.”Skip” Wood, Chief Operating Office, The Wood Agency

“His market knowledge, attention to details and demeanor made our move much more pain free.  He took the initiative to help and to answer questions we had regarding our space, lease and the market in general.  He handled communications with the landlord’s leasing agent very well.  He was always there when we needed him.  When you have a requirement for office space in San Antonio, you should talk to Dean and I believe you will find the benefit of using his services.”
– T. Drew Cauthorn, President, Ellison Management, LLC

“Dean Bundrick has represented the Real Estate Council of San Antonio in their most recent lease at Petroleum Tower. I could not be more pleased with the effort and result he provided us. He listened and learned about what we were trying to accomplish, gave us many different options to consider and helped us compare them and come to a final decision. His assistance and guidance through the entire process, even well after the lease was signed, was of great value. I have had the opportunity of meeting and working with hundreds of professionals in and around the real estate industry as the 2016 President of the Real Estate Council of San Antonio and my position at Wells Fargo. I am pleased to recommend Dean to anyone needing a representative for their lease requirement.”
– Brian Biggs, Senior Private Banker, Wells Fargo Wealth Management

“Dean worked with us and presented every situation that fit our original requirements, which was primarily in the far north central office corridor.  After narrowing our choices down to a manageable number, my wife and I decided to move to the Alamo Heights/Terrell Hills area of San Antonio.  This changed my company’s location requirements and we worked with Dean to start over in our search, as time was running short on our existing lease.  We worked as a team and found a location that fit exactly what we were looking for and in time enough to make improvements and relocate prior to our lease expiration.”
– Barney Dishron, Vice President, AWP Operating Company

“Dean Bundrick has been our office lease representative since 2002. We have come to understand that having an advocate representing us through the ever changing real estate market is an important and necessary decision every company should make.”
– Trevor Wood, President, The Wood Agency

“I understand he has now consummated well over 3 million square feet of office leases and over 1.7 million square feet of investment property sales. This does not surprise me after seeing him handle both our office needs as well as some of our clients’ needs. He has also helped place some of our clients into real estate investments, which have worked well for them.”
– Sarah Powell, Shareholder, Lowrey, Powell & Stevens, P.C.

“The needs for my consulting work were specific including configuration, location, building quality and a relatively small size. You worked with me for over a year on this search and you were patient, persistent and encouraging … You are a top professional in every aspect!”
– Jack Willome

“Dean and Drew Bundrick were instrumental in finding and securing our current office space. They worked with us for almost a year in providing us with a variety of options and possibilities within our target market. They clearly understood our business model and our requirements, and were able to narrow our search to some outstanding options. They attended every showing and space planning meeting with our team and they were true partners in securing an ideal business location. They assisted us with post move-in issues and continue, to this day, in checking on us. I offer my highest praise for Dean and Drew Bundrick for negotiating a great lease for my business and would recommend them, unequivocally, for any office requirement you may have in San Antonio.”
– Randall P. Garcia, MBA, RN, Regional Vice President of Operations, Parallon Workforce Management Solutions, San Antonio, Central and West Texas Divisions

“Dean worked with us for almost a year and made sure we got the best situation that fit our requirements. During that year, our requirements were fluctuating due to the challenges in the San Antonio real estate market. He stepped in and negotiated a short term renewal with our landlord to give us time to make the right decision … He was there for us at any time to help or answer questions we might have regarding our space, lease or the market in general. He introduced us to every opportunity that fit within the location, price and quality that fit our needs. As we narrowed our selection, Dean provided us with individual building analysis and compared each to the other with regards to the actual and NPV of rental streams, tenant finish, operating expenses and amenities.”
– R. Clay Page, Vice President, Rosenberger Construction, LP

“On behalf of all the partners at Carneiro, Chumney & Co., I would like to thank you for negotiating our lease renewal at the Mercantile Office Building. In previous years, I had not realized the benefit of having a qualified tenant representative help with our lease negotiations, particularly in a renewal situation. My only regret now is that I did not use your services before.”
– Robert M. McAdams, CPA, Managing Partner, Carneiro, Chumney & Co., L.C.

“Dean also represented us in our relocation to Union Square II, which took more than a year and a half from when we started the process until move-in. We looked at many buildings before settling on our current location. Dean ran computer analysis that took every financial part of each building’s proposal in order to present us an “apples-to-apples” comparison … As President of the firm during this time, Dean’s analysis and guidance was invaluable to us.”
– J.K. Leonard, Ball & Weed law firm

“Dean originally secured approximately 40,000 square feet for us when we were shareholders of the Diagnostic Clinic of San Antonio in 1994. He was there again when we formed SAPDM and leased 8,600 square feet in 1999. He has, since then, negotiated two renewals and an expansion as recent as 2009. He has done an excellent job in every instance.”
– John S. Matlock, M.D., San Antonio Preventive & Diagnostic Medicine, P.A.

“I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Dean and Drew Bundrick.  These two gentlemen recently helped us locate the ideal location for an expansion we undertook and then negotiated the lease with our landlord.  As a non-profit agency ministering within a particular area of San Antonio, we had certain cost and geographical restrictions to be considered.”
– Robert S. Young, PhD, Life choices-Agape, CEO