Availability – 100% leased

Originally built as Army barracks, the North Beach Pavilion building was converted to medical facilities in the late 1940’s, as an annex to BAMC. The North Beach Pavilion is 122,000 square feet, consisting of a lower level with windows and three upper stories. The layout of the floor works very well with modern space planning requirements, whether they are open office or a more traditional design. The building also works well when divided on a multi-tenant basis and can accommodate a wide variety of tenant sizes. North Beach Pavilion is now 100% leased to the Defense Health Agency, the Department of Defense’s Defense Contract Management Agency, and MC4.

Building Description

The redevelopment of the North Beach Pavilion was completed with a streamlined construction process that allowed it to be delivered within 8 months of starting, at competitive private sector costs and entailed:

  • Taking the interior back to its concrete shell and installing all new systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical wiring, lighting, fire sprinklers, etc.)
  • The exterior was cleaned, sealed and restored to its original “new” condition.
  • The concrete drives were replaced with new, and new landscaping was installed in accordance with the Post’s Master Landscape Plan.
  • The building and grounds were modified to meet modern building codes (i.e. fire, life safety, ADA accessibility, hazardous materials, etc.).

Once completed, North Beach Pavilion provided its occupants with a mix of unique benefits:

  • State-of-the-art systems and equipment
  • Beautiful and unique architecture
  • The protection of being on a secured military base
  • Finishes to first-class private sector standards