Thomas H. Chandler

President And Chief Operating Officer

Tom Chandler was one of Orion Partners’ founders in 1989, and has served the company since that time in managing operations including leasing, tenant finish construction and property management.  He has been active in property acquisition and disposition, capital formation and negotiation of all manner of contracts into which the company has entered in the course of its business.  Since 2001, Tom has been key in coordinating Orion’s many activities under the enhanced use leases into which the company entered with the U.S. Military at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

Tom serves on the board of directors of Shepherds’ Support International and has served in various roles with Impact Water, ministries which are involved in missionary activities in Eastern Europe, Africa and Central and South America.

Tom has been married to Barbara since 1971.  The couple has four children and a growing number of grandchildren.