wurzbachWurzbach Park is a 5.2-acre site ideally located on the newly opened Wurzbach Parkway between Blanco Rd and West Ave.  The following are some of the highlights:

  • Excellent Ingress & Egress to Wurzbach Parkway, Blanco Rd & West Ave.
  • Pad sites starting at 1.4 acres
  • Electricity, Water, Sewer & Gas available to the site
  • C-2 Zoning
  • No Aquifer restrictions

LOCATION:  The tract is located between Blanco Road and San Pedro Avenue (US 281 North) in North Central San Antonio adjacent to the new Primary Arterial, Wurzbach Parkway which will connect IH–35 North to IH-10 West.  The tract also has significant frontage on Vista Del Norte which serves as a frontage road to Wurzbach Parkway and Collector Street for nearby multi-family developments.

SIZE:              5.2 Acres

SITES:           1 – 5.2 acres

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WURZBACH PARKWAY – Approximately 898 L.F.

VISTA DEL NORTE – Approximately 911 L.F.

ZONING:  The site is zoned C2 Commercial.  Because the tract was zoned B-2 prior to the zoning conversion that occurred several years ago, multi-family with densities up to 33 units per acre are also allowed as described in the City of San Antonio Unified Development Code (UDC).


WURZBACH PARKWAY – The tract has approximately 898’ of frontage on Wurzbach Parkway with approximately 521’ encumbered by a 1’ vehicular non-access easement created by the subdivision plat.  Access driveways onto to Wurzbach Parkway, if allowed will need to be permitted thru TxDOT.

Exit Parkway to site coming from the east.  Customers coming from the east and traveling west on the Parkway, from West Ave, San Pedro Ave or I 35, will take the Blanco Exit, then the turnaround at Blanco and come back to the site on Vista del Norte.  Vista del Norte actually serves as the Parkway ramp, going both east and west.

Exit Parkway to site coming from the west.  Customers coming from the west and traveling east, from I H 10, Vance Jackson or N W Military, will take the exit directly in front of the site, which turns into Vista del Norte and hugs the site’s property line and curb cuts.

Enter Parkway, traveling east.  Customers leaving the site to enter and travel east on the Parkway will turn left out of the site, onto Vista del Norte, which is actually the entrance ramp onto the Parkway heading east to West Ave, San Pedro Ave and on to I H 35. Anyone on Blanco Rd who wants to go east on the Wurzbach Parkway must travel in front of this site to enter the Parkway.

Enter Parkway, traveling west or to Blanco Rd.  Customers would turn right out of the site onto Vista del Norte and travel west (approximately 400 yds) to the light at Blanco Rd.  They can then turn left (south) or right (north) on Blanco Rd or across Blanco and enter the Parkway to go west to N W Military, Vance Jackson or on to I H 10 West.

VISTA DEL NORTE – The tract has approximately 911’ of frontage on Vista Del Norte.  Access driveways onto Vista Del Norte will be in accordance with the UDC (typically one driveway per 200’ of frontage) will need to be approved by the City of San Antonio in conjunction which the building permitting process

DEMOGRAPHICS:             1 Mile                          2 Mile                          3 Mile

2010 Total

Population:                  17,392                         47,071                         88,536

2010 Average

HH Income:                $65,314                       $74,048                       $83,066

There are approximately 1,300 apartments and homes and their only access is to Vista Valet, which ties to Vista del Norte in front of the site.  All of these residents must pass the site when coming or going from their homes.

SUBDIVISION PLATTING:  The site is platted as Lot 1, Block 18, N.C.B. 17087, Subdivision Plat of Parkway Central as recorded in Volume 9562, Page 207 in the Bexar County Deed and Plat Records, Bexar County, Texas.

TOPOGRAPHY:  The tract slopes from north to south, from Wurzbach Parkway to Vista Del Norte.  The northern portion of the tract within 100’ to 200’ from Wurzbach Parkway has an approximate ground slope of 10% and the remaining majority of the tract has a 2% to 3% ground slope.

FLOOD PLAIN:  The site is not located within the 100-year floodplain.

EDWARDS AQUIFER RECHARGE ZONE (EARZ):  The site is not located on the EARZ.

DRAINAGE/DETENTION:  A storm water fee-in-lieu-of providing on-site detention was approved by the City of San Antonio and this fee was paid when the tract was platted.  Other fees may be due at permitting.


WATER – Service will be provided by San Antonio Water System (SAWS) from an existing 12” water main located along the tract’s Vista Del Norte frontage.  This existing water main is located between the street curb and the tract’s property boundary.  The tract is located within SAWS’ Middle Elevation Service Area and impact fees will apply.

WASTEWATER – Service will be provided by SAWS from an existing 8” wastewater main location near the centerline of Vista Del Norte and services have been extended from this main to proposed building areas.  This tract is located within SAWS’ Upper/Lower Treatment and Lower Collection Areas and impact fees will apply.

ELECTRIC – Service is currently being designed and extended to the Property  Existing 3-phase primary overhead electric lines are located approximately 800’ west of the tract and approximately 600’ east of the site.

NATURAL GAS – Service will be provided by CPS Energy in accordance with their service regulations.  An existing 4” gas main is located along the tract’s Vista Del Norte frontage between the street curb and the tract’s property boundary.

TELEPHONE & CABLE TV – The providers for these services in the tract’s area include AT&T and Time Warner.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained herein was taken from sources deemed reliable, but each agent, buyer or other interested party should do their own research to confirm this information and determine if the property is suitable for their needs.  This would include zoning, utilities and all other data pertinent to the property.  This property may be withdrawn at any time without notice.


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